The Innovation Booster – Databooster is a community with an open innovation culture, in which key players around data-based value creation work together to develop innovation ideas and explore new business areas and approaches. In doing so, they give Swiss companies a decisive competitive advantage and create important added value for the Swiss economy and society.

Explore your challenges

We support you in identifying your challenges in an open innovation environment. We organise specific workshops on business and technology topics.

Shape your innovation idea

In moderated innovation workshops, by using the Design Thinking methodology, you shape your innovation idea with the formed team and additional experts. You get the opportunity to build your first prototype if needed.

Get funding

For a lot of innovation projects, public funding is available which may substantially leverage your own innovation ideas. The Databooster helps you to get access to those funding programs.

  • Der Databooster hat CitizenTalk sehr dabei geholfen, schnell und zuverlässig die richtigen Partner zu finden. Wir haben mit unseren Partnern, den beiden Fachhochschulen ZHAW und OST , bereits erfolgreich einen Innocheck durchgeführt und planen ein gemeinsames Innosuisse-Projekt “Beyond Public Management – E-Partizipation auf Basis kollektiver Intelligenz” mit Start im Januar 2022. “

    – Andreas P. Seonbuchner, CitizenTalk

  • “Ein spannender Design Thinking Workshop, an dem wir zusammen mit kompetenten Partnern innovative Entwicklungen identifiziert haben. Wir haben sehr gute und spannende Inputs sowie ganz neue Blickwinkel erhalten!”

    – Laurent Szymkowiak, Pax

  • “Doing research in isolation has typically low impact in real life. The Databooster is an excellent opportunity to find companies for applying state-of-the-art research to solve relevant real-world problems and thus generate positive impact to our society.”

    – Kurt Stockinger, ZHAW

  • The Databooster was the perfect fit for our specific needs. Thanks to it we were able to efficiently find the right academic partner for an Innosuisse project. Ultimately, we applied and won the Innosuisse grant! We wish we knew Databooster before.

    – Aldo Lamberti, Syntheticus

  • I started the collaboration with Databooster with a Call for Participation to identify academic and industrial partners for our data innovation project. In a very short time, they have identified very good connections. The Databooster shaping workshop permitted to DNEXT to improve the understanding of the viability and feasibility of our product.

    – Sami Jaballah, DNEXT

  • “Ich kenne den Databooster seit Beginn und habe einen eigenen Call for Participation eingereicht. Der Databooster-Prozess hat mir geholfen, eine Idee mit verschiedenen Leuten zu diskutieren und so zur Reife zu bringen.”

    – Nicolas Lenz, Litix

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