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2nd Kistler Digitalization and Service Summit

By Jürg Meierhofer, ZHAW

Visit at the Kistler Innovation Lab in Winterthur

On June 20, the Expert Group Smart Services ( had the chance to visit the Kistler innovation lab in Winterthur. The visit provided an impressive insight into the increasing intertwining of physical and digital processes, which unlocks countless new possibilities and opportunities. Kistler, a global leader in dynamic measurement technology, recognizes this potential. In their Innovation Lab, they harness data-driven insights to create innovative services and solutions. 

The afternoon started with impressive presentations by Johannes Stühler, Head of Service Development, Sharon Joseph, Data Engineer, and Gerrit Schatte Lead Projects / Biz Dev Innovation Lab. Profound discussions unfolded between these experts and the participants of the expert group. Numerous opportunities for further discussions were also recognized and new contacts were made.

The round of presentations was followed by a factory visit, which gave in-depth insight into the technological and value-adding processes of Kistler. At the concluding aperitif, the discussions could be deepened and further initiatives were initiated.