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Create synthetic data using cutting-edge deep learning


We live in a data driven generation where big data, data mining and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the ways we obtain value from data. The challenge is that both, private companies and public entities, have no way to easily share this data internally or externally. The main hurdles are:

  • Compliance laws
  • Fears of data misuse
  • Patient / client privacy
  • Inability to transfer data securely
  • High costs for data curation or similar

Syntheticus – our SaaS platform – tackles these hurdles using cutting-edge deep learning. Our platform allows users to generate synthetic data which is anonymous, maintains the same properties as the original and hence can be used for data insights, analysis and sharing.

Syntheticus is the 1st Swiss platform dedicated to generating synthetic data. Our collaborations with Swiss academical institutions enables us to be at the forefront of research. We envision a global market and we’re open for every industry that is dealing with confidential data.

According to a new report from analyst firm Forrester, the move AI 2.0 is being driven by five areas of AI advancement. – one of those five advancements is synthetic data. Forrester believes synthetic data can be used to accelerate the development of new AI solutions, improve the accuracy of AI models, and protect sensitive data. It is currently being used in autonomous vehicles, financial services, insurance and pharmaceutical firms, and computer vision vendors(

Requested support:

Syntheticus is the first platform for hosting multiple models for synthetic data generation. The open source models allow for complete transparency and traceability.This approach allows us to continually add state-of-the-art models based on the latest research.

We are looking to appoint a research partner to advance the research in these topics (synthetic data for formats like tabular, time-series, relational, image, audio, text, etc) in order to implement the models into our platform Syntheticus within a joint Innosuisse project.

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