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Determination of the rooftops use

The rooftops are features that can play a role in many cantons or cities’ strategies to answer the challenges of tomorrow. They can host solar panels to produce green energy or vegetation to decrease the heat island effect and favor biodiversity. However, those surfaces are restricted, and the elements built cannot overlap. The roofs are already used by air conditioner outlets or antennas. Sometimes, they are also protected as heritage.
A better knowledge of the rooftops covering and use would allow to assess a large variety of indicators. A better estimation of the potential of the solar energy could be made. With this knowledge, the administration could decide of an adapted strategy and better guide the property owners toward solar energy or a vegetation of their roof depending on the available spaces that are left, their neighborhood, and the type of roof.
The goal of this workshop is, firstly, to define the scope of this project in terms of objects to detect in order to best serve the public interest. Secondly, we want to define the best method to ensure trustable results based on aerial or satellite imagery. Finally, we bring together domain expert from different fields in order to create a project that serves as many actors as possible.

Call for Participation description (pdf)

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