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Integrated data system for healthcare in Switzerland


If hospital facilities have to be closed due to political decisions, there is an urgent need to develop alternative healthcare models for the respective regions. This is the only way to continue to guarantee stable and reliable healthcare for local residents and tourists.

Desired solution:

Our approach focuses on healthcare solutions from the field of patient-centred digital health in combination with operational expertise. By working with local healthcare providers and utilising cutting-edge technology and research, we aim to promote targeted collaboration in healthcare, bridge gaps and build a new foundation of trust within the community. We aim to develop a comprehensive digital platform that seamlessly integrates and analyzes healthcare data. This platform will enhance decision-making and improve patient outcomes, using advanced data analysis techniques and focusing on patient needs, with support from our academic and industry partners.

We are looking for:

As for our expectations from industry members, we are seeking partners with expertise in implementing healthcare technology, who can offer insights into the operational challenges in healthcare settings. We also look for collaboration in developing and testing this data system in real-world environments.

If you are interested in participating, please reply by January 26th, 2024 and send us an email, stating:

  • What is the competency that you could bring in?
  • Do you have specific experience that might be relevant in the project context?
  • What is the contribution to the project goals that you want to bring in?

Please explain your possible contribution as specifically as possible and please use the feedback form.

The rules of the game: Decisions on whom to invite for the first meeting, and whom to select for the next activities and final innovation team will be made by the organisation, based on the provided information. The goal is to set up an optimal innovation team for reaching the goals, not to create a team with as many partners as possible.

We are no longer accepting applications for this call. Contact us for more details.