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TalkDoc: the AI-Powered Documentation (by Cross-ING)

Idea description
In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient documentation is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Our
idea is to develop TalkDoc, an AI-powered documentation assistant that streamlines the creation, organization, and management of a company’s internal and external documents. We envision a cutting-edge Large Language Model (LLM) that is fine-tuned on a company’s specific documentation and hosted locally to ensure security and data privacy.

1. Tailor made: fine-tuned to company’s specific documentation needs, ensuring relevant and accurate content generation
2. Secure: hosted locally and offline, unparalleled data security and privacy
3. Versatile: with different access levels, utilized by employees as a documentation assistant and externally as a chatbot for customers
4. Comprehensive: all aspects of documentation covered, from internal and external documents to product guides and user support

Technical details
The system would offer three main categories of documentation assistance:

• Internal Documents: simplified creation and management of internal documents such as operating
agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, business reports, financial records, minutes for business meetings, business plans, compliance and regulatory documents, and internal product documentation.
• External Documents: simplified external documentation process, which covers business proposals, contracts with vendors and customers, and transactional documents.
• Products: improved product documentation with AI generated user guides, instruction manuals, troubleshooting guides, SDKs, feature documentation, and FAQs.

TalkDoc’s modular architecture would allow for seamless integration into the existing systems and support for a wide range of formats, ensuring compatibility with the current documentation tools. Employees could leverage the AI assistant to draft, edit, and collaborate on documents, while the external-facing chatbot would provide real-time support to customers and users. With different access levels, TalkDoc will be a versatile tool for employees, as well as a customer-facing chatbot. TalkDoc’s AI-driven technology would empower companies to streamline their documentation processes, reducing errors, and fostering collaboration so to minimize hours spent on drafting, organizing, and managing business documentation.

Requested Support
We, Cross-ING, are looking for a research and development-friendly environment with access to resources and networking opportunities. We seek partners for the entire product development life cycle, from conceptualisation and prototyping to testing and validation. We also aim to expand the team and create strategic partnerships for long-term growth.

We are no longer accepting applications for this call. Contact us for more details.