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Web Crawl – Data Collection & Analysis

Describe your challenge or idea in a few sentences.
We struggle to automate the identification of privately owned / family-owned businesses whose owners can be considered Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI). We currently undertake manual research to create a database of private investors, wealth owners, business owners, entrepreneurs, and family office principals with a net worth of at least EUR 50 million. Apart from identifying those individuals, we need to understand what their specific investment / business activities are and which struggles they might face – e.g. wealth transfer and legacy building, development of an investment strategy, tax optimization, deal flow, peer-to-peer network building, use of data, AI, industry 4.0 etc.

Describe the goal which you want to achieve.
Our goal is to create the most relevant agenda for the CEE and Africa Wealth Summit respectively. We want to address very specific topics that are educational, offer solutions to concrete needs and add value to the participants in an unprecedented way. Grammig Advisory provides a completely new conferencing experience. Moving away from sponsored content like sales pitches and fund raising, and towards relevant insights, solutions, and expert views.

Describe the requested support. For which contribution you are looking for?
Grammig Advisory (organizer of the CEE and Africa Wealth Summits) is looking for a research and data analysis partner that can provide us with unprecedented insights and access to structured data about Eastern European and African private wealth owners. We would provide search criteria and the type of information we are looking for.

Whom are you looking for?
Research partner to help us identify family-owned businesses from CEE and Africa, to categorize the identified companies and to understand their specific needs / interests to build an agenda for the CEE Wealth Summit and Africa Wealth Summit relevant to those businesses. Companies that can educated family businesses at the respective geographically focused summit on matters identified above.

Call for Participation description (pdf)

We are no longer accepting applications for this call. Contact us for more details.