Closed Calls

Improving data harvesting/collection for AgFlow by leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques

Requester: AgFlow S.A. (AgFlow) Anyone following agricultural commodities currently has no other choice but to source key market information from data lakes of news articles, reports, or analyses that come in many different formats and require much effort to process. AgFlow is changing how the industry gets access to crucial market information by harvesting various....

Daten-basierte Services im Maschinenbau

Wie können die erhobenen Daten für Services v.a. im predictive Maintenance Bereich genutzt wer-den? Wie kann darauf aufbauend ein Service System entwickelt und operativ effizient betrieben werden, um Wert für die Kunden (value creation) und die Anbieterin (value capturing) zu schaffen?

Reimagine the access to technical documentation with the support of artificial intelligence

Many manufacturers own miscellaneous inventory product documentation in need of supply to their customers and users. For an efficient retrieval in a content delivery system (CDS), these documents should be first labeled with respect to classification standards relevant for a given industry. However, due to the lack of resources in Technical Editing departments, this classification....

INSIGHTS APP - Collective Intelligence-based Leadership and Ideation Service

Requested support: We are looking for support to develop a collective intelligence-based idea collection/crowd rating and leadership service. For this, we require competency in statistical analysis, in the development of app interfaces for such services on given IT infrastructure, as well as in the design of public management services.

Create synthetic data using cutting-edge deep learning

Challenge: We live in a data driven generation where big data, data mining and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the ways we obtain value from data. The challenge is that both, private companies and public entities, have no way to easily share this data internally or externally. The main hurdles are: Compliance laws Fears of data....

Extended Geospatial Data Cube

Extended Geospatial Data Cube- searching for project partners Geospatial data are widely used as explanatory variables for large-scale data analysis and modeling. Many data sources are available today, some of them with high spatial or even temporal resolution and impressive data quality. However, the potential of using these sources is underachieved. Possible reasons are data....

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