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Databooster – To support SMEs

HEPIA, HES-SO, OPI, and NTN Innovation Booster Databooster join their forces to support SMEs on their way from a rough idea to a funded research project. On 1st March 2022, a joint event was organized at HEPIA in which 30 interested persons from the industry took part.

After the welcome of OPI (OPI – Office de Promotion des Industries et des Technologies) by Hélène Gache (Directrice at OPI) and HEPIA by Claire Baribaud (Directrice at HEPIA – Haute école du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève – HEPIA) Nabil Abdennadher (Professor of Computer Science at HEPIA) presented the Databooster objectives and innovation process for the audience. He pointed out that the NTN Innovation Booster will support the preliminary phase of open innovation before it comes to an innovation project.

Two success stories of the last year were presented by SMEs.

First, Andreas Seonbuchner (CEO and partner of CitizenTalk) showcased his journey within the Databooster – starting from first idea discussions with a research group to securing appropriate team partners by a call for participation to the community. An interdisciplinary team with potential customers proceed in shaping further his idea. The vital clarity for implementation options was gained through an Innocheck for a feasibility study (together with an Applied University). Finally, a consortium was founded for an already accepted Innosuisse project.

Thereafter, Sami Jaballah, Co-Founder and CEO of DNEXT Intelligence SA, described his  success with the Databooster: with two matched partners and a solid framework that shaped his idea, he is now preparing the Innosuisse project submission. At one stage, Sami admitted being unsure about his idea. However, thanks to the competence and expertise the Databooster provided, he was able to solidify his relatively vague idea into a structured concept that reached maturation.

After these two presentations, an open discussion on various topics followed, such as the difference between Innovation Booster and Innosuisse Innocheck, confidentiality and IPR, funding model and budget allocation, the definition of innovation, etc. A delicious aperitif concluded the event.
Many thanks to all persons involved in organizing the event. We are looking forward to many Call for Participations from the attendees.