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ANNPR 2020

ZHAW will host ANNPR 2020, an international academic workshop on the application of Neural Networks, on September 2nd-4th, 2020 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

This year’s edition is co-sponsored by the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services to increase liaison with industry. Members of the Alliance receive a 30% discount on all fees. There will be a dedicated industry afternoon on Thursday, September 03, featuring an applied research / industry keynote, applied research presentations and industry exhibits / booths / demos / posters.

Research Topics: Innovation in predictive and generative machine learning methods, with a focus on deep neural networks for image classification and segmentation, object detection, audio & video processing, document analysis, handwritten text recognition, data, web and text mining, bioinformatics, bio-medical imaging, forensics, industrial quality control, predictive maintenance, automation and industrial IoT.

Application areas: Analytics, industry and production, health and med-tech, fintech, insurance, automotive, security, sales, marketing, logistics, power, construction and pharma.

We offer the following opportunities for industrial participation:

  • Submission of an applied research paper (Deadline May 1st); Papers accepted by peer-review will be invited for oral or poster presentation during the conference
  • Active participation in the dedicated industry afternoon (Sept. 03) by hosting a company stand / booth / poster (included in sponsorship packages)
  • Various other sponsorship packages are available

For more details, please consult the attached flyer and visit the workshop website



Sep 02 - 03 2020




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