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Expert Day


13:00Door Opening
13:30Keynote of PhD. Kyle Alves, Senior Lecturer of Information Systems & Operations Management,
University of the West of England
14:00Expert Group Meetings (part 1)
15:30Expert Group Meetings (part 2)

The Expert Groups will be represented by:

Data-Food challenge

Organizer: Kyle Alves and Shaun West

  • Objectives: In this session we will illustrate the diversity of opportunities associated with increased adoption of digital technologies in food chains.
  • Related questions: How can food supply chain performance simultaneously meet ESG and profitability targets? How is the adoption of new supply chain technology now more accessible to SMEs? What knowledge and skills are needed for sustained performance? How can supply chain finance support adoption?
  • What they will learn: Attendees will learn from practical, real-world examples of digital supply chains focused on SMEs. These examples contain opportunities for success as well as emerging challenges associated with these projects.
Hidden opportunities: Geo-spatial applications in the age of OpenData

Organizer: Michele Bolla, Tamfal Tomas (ERNI), Florian Scheidegger (IBM Research/KI Sandbox Kanton Zürich) EG Spatial Data (Stefan Keller, Reik Leiterer) and Anne Wegmann (Opendata)

In this workshop, organized by ERNI and the Spatial Data Expert Group, we would like to bring together experts from different fields to jointly identify needs and possible new approaches in the field of open data and geospatial applications. Participants will get insights on current technology topics, discuss innovative solution and possible use-cases and get to know potential technology providers. Within a ideation workshop we will explore in more depth challenges mentioned by the participants and moving to the idea stage. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to network with potential project partners and, ideally, start a collaboration project that can be funded by the databooster program. (and of course there will be coffee again and an apéro afterwards)

Machine Learning and Responsible AI

Organizer: Ricardo Chavarriaga (ZHAW), Philipp Schmid (CSEM) and Andrea Dunbar (CSEM)

As AI continues transforming all application sectors, discussions about its ethical implications and regulatory requirements are gaining a lot of traction. Overall, the need to to respond to the social concerns about AI impact and to comply with the upcoming regulation (e.g. the European AI act) will impact the data science activities of Swiss companies dramatically.

In this workshop, experts will present the current state of discussions on ethical implications and regulation of AI systems, and learn about state-of-the-art techniques for explainability and interpretability. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their specific challenges, meet potential partners and identify ideas to follow. Representatives of the Databooster program will be present to support participants in receiving further support for developing innovative approaches and further research to address challenges in responsibly applying AI in real-world cases. This workshop is organised by the Databooster Focus Topic on Responsible AI, ZHAW, CSEM and CLAIRE.

Part 1: Impulse Talk: “Ethics, Operationalizing Responsible AI and regulatory compliance”
Breakout discussion: Identify challenges for implementing responsible AI. Participants can pitch a challenge they have already identified and cluster challenges into topics or trends

Part 2: Impulse Talk: “Advancements in Interpretable AI for Healthcare: Paving the Way Towards More Reliable Computational Models”
Breakout discussion: Ways for addressing the identified challenges and conclusions, next steps, and adjourn

Build a Cloud IoT System Using a RaspberryPi (Limit 24 participants)

Organizer: Heiko Krömer (D ONE), Stepan Gaponiuk (D ONE)

This workshop is an interactive hands-on experience with the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants will set up their own end-to-end cloud IoT-system using RaspberryPi microcontrollers. Following a brief theoretical introduction to RaspberryPi, participants will get their hands dirty and connect a small sensor to the controller.


We welcome our keynote speaker PhD. Kyle Alves, Senior Lecturer of Information Systems & Operations Management, University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), Faculty of Business and Law

He is a member of the Innovation, Operations Management & Supply (IOMS) Research Group as well as the management team for the Data Research Access & Governance Network at UWE and the Food Systems Research Network at UWE

Biography: I am an Early Career Researcher focused on remaining engaged with businesses on real-world challenges.  My research and projects examine the overlapping areas of management, new technologies, and coordinated supply chains.  My research goals target ways in which positive social impact can be maximised using innovative new technologies and approaches to managing operations.

Creating the ‘Golden Thread’: food product data for optimization from the farm to the retail shelf

This presentation illustrates the experience of creating the world’s first digitally traceable sandwich.  The Digital Sandwich project created a national demonstrator of a digitalized food supply chain, focused on sandwich manufacturing.  The project established an integrated digital platform that fuses multiple industrial digital technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT, Finance) into a single technology stack operating within a standard business ERP. The project aims to step change manufacturing productivity, consumer safety, financing and trust within the food supply chain.

Emerging from the case were innovative new applications connected to supply chain performance data, as well as new challenges associated with privacy and commercially sensitive data.   

The challenge is interdisciplinary, affecting the areas of food production, land use, policy/regulation, food logistics, energy systems, consumer behaviour, and many others.



Aug 24 2023


13:15 - 18:00


Technopark Zurich
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