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How to propose a new session

If you would like to submit a session, simply create a new issue and fill out the Knowledge Graph Unconfernce template by clicking on Get Started. We have slots for 6 sessions of one hour each. If we have more than 6 proposals, we will let participants vote upfront, most probably in the GitHub issues itself.

Please note that while we organize it mostly upfront to save time, the session should be unconference style: You are welcome to start and do a presentation of the topic on your own but it should not last longer than 20 minutes (we will be strict about that). The rest of the time should be used to have an interaction with the audience about the topic you present. There are screens in all rooms.

For a session proposal, we ask you to provide us with:

What would you like to talk about
Who might be interested in that (technical audience, management, data scientists, etc.)
What would you like to know from other participants, what feedback are you looking for?
What is your background (name, affiliation, etc)

What we look for in the sessions

Real-world use cases of RDF-based Knowledge Graphs.
Any topic about scaling and using RDF in the real world. This includes prototypes, tools, libraries, etc.
Lessons learned in using RDF Knowledge Graphs in the real world. We also welcome things that did not work out and projects that failed!

What we do not look for

Sales pitches. You are welcome to present whatever you used to solve your problem but focus on the use-case itself and the way you approached it and less on software, especially when it is commercial.
Knowledge Graph Forum is strongly leaning towards RDF-based Knowledge Graphs. Other graph databases are of less interest.
No paper or research presentations, there are enough conferences for these topics already.



Sep 08 2020


Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services
Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services
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