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Responsible AI Challenge: The long way from Responsible AI principles to concrete implementations – and how to manage and control this journey

Making sure that AI applications are trustworthy and ethically aligned is becoming a major issue for all developers of AI, and for all companies using AI. The European Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) has been endorsed by the European Parliament in December 2023, and will be put into place in the very near future – this will fuel the need for actually guaranteeing that AI is consistent with legal requirements on trustworthiness.

But: the way from legal requirements to testable properties of a concrete implementation is long. How to keep track of the relevant legal requirements? How to operationalize them into technical requirements? How to guarantee that a specific application is consistent with all requirements, over the whole lifecycle of the application?

This lunch event will explore these questions with an input presentation and a following

Elena Maran, Global Head Financial Services & RAI, Modulos AG, Zurich

Elena Maran is a former financial services executive with more than 13 years experience in the industry in different roles spanning from sales and trading to corporate banking. She is now Global Head Financial Services and Responsible AI at Modulos AG, defining the strategy, capturing requirements and driving growth in the sector. She is helping financial institutions embracing responsible AI governance and align with global and sector relevant AI regulations.

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May 28 2024


12:00 - 12:40


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