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Smart Services Summit: Smart Services creating sustainability

As the adoption of Smart Services continues to accelerate, we see an opportunity to apply the emerging technology to provide new value propositions and business models that provide tangible sustainability outcomes that help us and the planet. In 2021 we held the Smart Service Summit “in person” at a fantastic location overlooking the lake of Zurich. The focus was on the impact of COVID-19, and in hindsight, we were between two outbreaks. This year we would like to leave COVID-19 behind us and look to build a brighter future. We are this year going to focus on sustainability as we think it is time to give equal weight to the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.

The summit in 2022 aims to assess new and emerging services that are enabled by technology and where the services are co-delivered to support sustainability. In doing so, we hope to answer some of these questions:

  • how is the service quality and value impacted through digital technologies?
  • how can you transform the customer (or a third party) into a service partner?
  • how does collaborative working impact value co-creation?
  • what is the impact of smart services on customer experience?
  • how does the nature of the service delivery change?
  • how can organizations be enabled to foster digital value co-creation?

All of the papers should consider one or more of the three pillars of sustainability (i.e., social, economic, and environmental). This is important as this consideration will allow us to build a sustainable future.

As with previous years, we are looking for early-stage research and will again publish the proceedings with Springer. Furthermore, we will use industry to set the scene and the context from their position and follow them with impactful academic presentations. We anticipate that we will have a physical summit in Zürich!

All papers will undergo a blind peer-review process. The articles will be published again with Springer. Accepted papers will be presented in person in Zurich.

The link to the prior proceedings is:

Call for participation

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Summit Chairs

Prof. Dr. Shaun West, Hochschule Luzern,

Dr. Jürg Meierhofer, ZHAW School of Engineering,


Smart Services; Industry4.0; Product-Service Systems; Value Co-creation; Service Quality; Sustainanablty; Service Science; Service Design.

Submission procedure

Full paper submission: 11 September 2022

Acceptance of papers is based on the full paper (up to 8 pages). All papers will be peer reviewed.


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Oct 21 2022


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