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Inspiration and Innovation at the Databooster Project Day

May 3, 2023 – By Gundula Heinatz Bürki and Reik Leiterer, data innovation alliance. Photos Markus Burren, Oracle

How can the databooster, the innovation program of data innovation alliance powered by Innosuisse, help to smooth the path for the first steps of innovative ideas – and most importantly, lead to the right direction in the process?

10 innovation teams presented their Databooster-funded ideas on the 3rd of May, directly opposite the Zurich airport at the beautiful Oracle venue. At this point – many thanks to Oracle, our host on this day. After the amiable welcome by the Oracle team, the participants got insightful presentations about the process and the first outcomes of the individual innovation journeys as well as the future path and direction now being taken.

The first block of presentations covered the potential of customized holistic energy solutions (Endaprime), challenges around the complexity of manufacturing process data (CSEM), and the development of tools for the automated detection of fake news (ZHAW). Following a Q&A session, the participants particularly appreciated the exchange of experiences on the problems encountered and the related solutions, as well as the open communication about wrong directions and obstacles that still exist.

This lived and shared culture of failure is very much in line with our understanding of innovation. The block was concluded with a presentation by Andreas Steiner and Patrick Jung from TEK, an organization that facilitates the transfer of knowledge from universities to SMEs in the industrial sector and supports the rapid and economically sustainable implementation of innovation projects.

After a short interactive sequence on the concept of future thinking and foresight, another block of presentations followed. These included a presentation on intelligent energy systems in the field of e-mobility (eneXan), a framework for standardized and automated ESG reporting (Ascentys), and the ethical and social requirements for the use of AI in law enforcement (Eraneos).

The lively discussions during the networking coffee break about the presented projects and ideas had to be interrupted at some point, however, as the last block of presentations also provided exciting insights into the work of the innovation teams.

Starting with a radical approach for achieving the optimum in terms of collaboration and operational efficiency from a company’s workforce (Peerdom), through automated risk analysis in data projects (Xurce) and the support of companies in the digitization process via an independent and open consulting network composed by agile and specialized consulting cells (Swiss Digital Network), to support decision tools for health care providers (Rewoso).

During the subsequent aperitif, new contacts were made and the next steps and possible collaborations were discussed. The variety of project ideas and their high degree of innovation, the noticeable motivation and enthusiasm of the various innovation teams, and the number of already successfully implemented solutions have shown that we have taken the right path with the databooster approach of sharpening the ideas and providing financial support for the first steps of innovation. Maybe next time you are one of the presenting teams? – If you are interested, please contact us or visit our website!

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