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MYBLUEPLANET: An association for climate protection in Switzerland

The Expert Group Smart Services had the chance to listen to the presentation by Noah Gunzinger, Managing Director of MYBLUEPLANET. MYBLUEPLANET is a 16 years old Swiss non-profit with the mission to take individual and collective action against climate change. The initiative encourages people to get actively involved in climate protection. Noah presented one of the programs, the Climate Challenge App which offers personalized experiences, ranking comparisons, self-improvement controls and much more.

Key to the android and iOS App is the ability to build teams and participate as a company or a team in the challenges. By regularly updating the challenges on consumption, diet, habitation and mobility and having a common monthly challenge, participants understand that they are part of a bigger movement towards net zero.

The data show that some topics work better than others, for instance dietary topics are more preferred by the users than mobility topics. As of now, there are about 2500 registered users with little churn. Future developments will focus on improvements increasing user engagement.

The presentation was rounded off by a lively discussion with the numerous participants that revolved around the topics of user engagement, measurability, local activities and B2B embedding.