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From ethical principles to practical implementation: Exploring the challenges of consulting in the implementation of responsible AI (RAI)

Idea: We aim to foster the adoption of AI by Swiss organizations through a two-phase project: –       Phase 1: In the Swiss economy landscape, we aim to clarify the challenges organizations – and their consulting partners – face in implementing responsible AI (RAI) such as how to measure the ethical risks of an AI tool or attribute....

Operational models to access multi-modal real-world data in the Swiss and European ecosystem to enable machine-learning derived insights in drug development

Partners needed: From the academy and public. Hospitals, representatives of consortia, and other data owners to explore and develop privacy-preserving solutions as well as collaborative operational models that enable use of their data for developing tomorrow’s therapeutics. Researchers who study and apply concepts for privacy-preserving analyses on real-world patient-level data. Idea: We envision the use of multi-modal real-world....

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