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Component Recognition Tool to Display Technical Information in the Users Field of View – Contextual View and Mixed Reality Technical Information

In terms of industry 4.0 and the digitalization the application of mixed reality technologies such as augmented reality gain increasing importance within the field of technical communication. These technologies provide user-friendly and context-sensitive technical information i.e. intelligent information for users. The aim is to develop an application that can be used with mobiles phones, tablets....

Call for Collaboration: Multimodal AI - combining text, images video, audio and structured as well as graph-based data

Opportunity An exciting frontier in current AI research and application is building systems which can combine multiple modalities such as text, images, video, audio and structured as well as graph-based data, called Multimodal AI. This allows to gain a deeper understanding of the tasks at hand and thus achieve solutions of much higher accuracy or....

Data Protection
Data protection

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