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Operational ML for Service Engineers: Successes and Pitfalls

By Lilach Goren Huber, Thomas Palmé, Manuel Arias Chao (all ZHAW), Maik Hadorn, Roche

Smart Maintenance Expert Group Meeting 20.01.2022

Once more, we met online for an interesting presentation followed by vivid discussions and networking. Yes, online networking!

We started by proudly introducing our new industrial Lead: Dr. Maik Hadorn, International Product Manager, from Roche Diagnostics. Welcome Maik, we are honored to profit from your expertise!

Next, Niels Uitterdijk, the CTO and founder of Amplo exposed us not only to success stories but also to challenges and pitfalls on the way to successful machine-learning-based predictive maintenance. As usual in our EG, this included concrete use case examples, this time from several different application fields.

After an intense Q&A session (we were 29 attendees!) we switched from Zoom to Wonder, where we had the chance to meet and network with group members. Similarly to previous meetings of our EG, this worked out really well!

We look forward to the next meeting – this time, finally, face to face.