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Smart Service Summit: building resilience in a changing world

By Jürg Meierhofer, ZHAW

The Smart Service Summit was a one-day conference held in Zürich on 27 October 2023. The event brought together experts and leaders from various fields such as smart services, digital transformation, and product management. The aim of the summit was to explore how smart services can help build resilience in a changing world.

The summit was a success in terms of attendance, engagement, and feedback. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the quality and relevance of the content, the diversity and expertise of the speakers, and the networking and learning opportunities. The organizers received positive comments and suggestions for improvement from the attendees.

The main outcomes and takeaways of the summit were:

  • Smart services are a key driver of innovation and resilience in a changing world, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation.
  • Smart services require a holistic and customer-centric approach that involves co-creation, collaboration, and integration of different stakeholders and technologies.
  • Smart services pose significant challenges and risks, such as data security, privacy, ethics, and regulation, that need to be addressed and managed effectively.
  • Smart services offer tremendous potential and value for various industries and domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, and mobility.

The organizers of the summit thanked the speakers, sponsors, partners, and participants for their contribution and support. They also announced that the next edition of the Smart Service Summit will take place in 2024 and invited everyone to stay tuned for more information.