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Expert Day

We invite you to the second iteration of the Expert Day. Join us in an exchange of expertise and find inspiration. These following groups will participate:

  • Big Data & AI Technologies
  • Data Sharing & Visualisation
  • Digital Health
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Smart Maintenance

Detailed Program:

Big Data & AI Technologies
More information will follow soon!

Data Sharing & Visualisation
More information will follow soon!

Digital Health
More information will follow soon!

Natural Language Processing
Everyone is talking about ChatGPT these days and some of its output is truly impressive! We will discuss how the most recent wave of text generation algorithms can transform business, science and teaching.
What new opportunities are there? What limitations and pitfalls should we be aware of?
We are looking forward to exchanging opinions, experiences and questions, and to exploring this exciting field together!

Smart Maintenance
More information will follow soon

NLP in Insurance

Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers fundamental solutions for tasks such as text classification, automated chatbots, text summarization or speech recognition. How can the Insurance industry benefit from these AI technologies? This is the core question for the upcoming Expert Group Meeting “NLP in Insurance”, which will take place on Montag 31.10.2022 at 16:30  at ZHAW Lagerstrasse, Zurich.

Felix Müller, Senior Data Scientist at Mobiliar, will share insights into their usage of NLP for different applications (e.g. using transformers for claim handling). This will be followed be an open discussion among all participants (experts and users from academia and industry) and a nice apero.

The meeting is jointly organized by the NLP Expert Group, the Expert Group AI in Finance and Insurance, and the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP).

Expert Group Meeting – Natural Language Processing in Action

It is our pleasure to invite you to an upcoming event organised by the data innovation alliance and SwissNLP, the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (https://swissnlp.org/) on Tuesday, May 3rd at Nüü (Lagerstrasse 45, 8004 Zurich, ground floor).

We will combine an NLP Expert Group Meeting on Multimodal AI with the SwissNLP General Assembly 2022, followed by an apéro and socialising/networking.

  • 16:00 – 17:00: SwissNLP General Assembly 2022
    • Annual and Financial Report 2021
    • Budget & activities for 2022
    • Board elections for 2022
    • Discussions & Varia
  • 17:15 – 18:30: Expert Group Meeting on Multimodal AI
    An exciting new research direction, Multimodal Artificial Intelligence concerns the creation of AI models which can jointly process different types of inputs such as images, text, audio, video, or structured (tabular or graph) data. This opens up possibilities for applications which can interact with the world in new ways and address much more complex use cases.

A recent example is MUM [1], Google’s “Multitask Unified Model”, which can answer multimodal search queries such as “Are these hiking boots [see picture] suitable to hike Mount Fuji?”

In the meeting, we plan for 1-2 short presentations (10min each), followed by an open discussion of the topic. One potential (and intended) outcome is ideas for joint projects!

  • Looking for Speakers: If you would like to share your experience in Multimodal AI with the group, please let us know. The presentation may include a success story, a collection of best practices, an open problem, or even an outline of a project that would benefit from Multimodal AI. It would be great to discuss positive experiences, as well as blockers and limitations. If you would like to present, please send us your presentation titles (email to ciel@zhaw.chnatalia.korchagina@pwc.ch). Deadline is Monday, April 25.
  • From 18:30: Apéro & socialising/networking
    Join us to exchange & mingle over drinks & snacks!

It would be great to see many of you in person, but online participation is also possible for both events.

Please register using the link from the invitation mail.
Deadline for registration: Wednesday, April 27.

Swiss Text Analytics Conference

SwissText is an annual conference that brings together text analytics experts from industry and academia. It is organised by the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP) in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the Data Innovation Alliance as well as the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

For registration please use this link: REGISTRATION

The first “Battle of NLP Ideas” @SwissText

It has become rather difficult over the last two years for professionals to meet and informally discuss topics in their fields. Databooster is about bringing research and industry together so that new innovative projects in different data-intensive fields can be born. But how can we stimulate this exchange? The NLP Focus Group of the Databooster initiative (with Focus Group Leaders Mark Cieliebak, Philipp Thomann, Natalia Korchagina) addressed this challenge by organizing the first “Battle of NLP Ideas” workshop at the SwissText conference. The event was held on June 15, 2021 online.

About 50 NLP enthusiasts joined our virtual battle. The goal of this interactive session was to give stage to as many ideas as possible, multiplying the chances for the people with similar ideas to meet and possibly form an alliance. The final prize of the battle was a chance to turn your idea into an Innosuisse-funded project!

Our battle had several rounds. In the first round, the participants were split in small groups of 3 to 5 where everyone could pitch their idea to other member of the group in 10-20 seconds, and the most promising idea of each small group was selected by voting. In the next round, a small presentation of an idea was prepared by each group and then pitched in front of the members of other groups. The most promising ideas were discussed in more details with all participants. After three rounds and the final vote, we had our winning ideas:

• Fake-News detection
• Topic Segmentation and Classification in Multi-topic Reports
• Automatic Contract Generation

It has been an inspiring couple of hours. There is so much research potential and industry need in working NLP products in different domains, from journalism to ecology. To assist our winners in bringing their ideas to life, the focus group leaders organized follow-up meetings where the ideas were further developed, and their market potential was discussed in more details.

Fake News Detection API, capable to recognise fake news, has proven to be in huge demand. Three large Swiss media companies and two Swiss universities (FHNW and ZHAW) are discussing to collaborate. The plan is to start with an Innocheck which will be most likely followed by an Innosuisse application.

A first follow-up workshop on the Topic Segmentation idea showed that there is large interest from academia, but only limited significance to industry. Automatic contract generation did not receive enough support from the industrial partners after the first follow-up.

We wish all our participants to turn their ideas into real projects and keep our fingers crossed for the winners!

The next battle of NLP ideas will be fought at the upcoming SwissText conference in June2022. We are looking forward to seeing many fellow NLP enthusiasts joining the contest.

Expert Group Meeting – Natural Language Processing

Please register until the 5th of January for the meeting.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences as a speaker contact either of the leaders until December 18th.

More details about the meeting can be found in the member area!

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