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Expert Group Meeting – Natural Language Processing in Action

By Thomas Zaugg, Roche and Manuela Hürlimann, ZHAW

On November 30, 2023, a pivotal event centered on Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare unfolded, featuring four expert presentations. 

The gathering, attended by around 30 participants both in-person and online, sparked vibrant discussions and received positive feedback.

  • Elif Ozkirimli from Roche illuminated the strategic integration of NLP across the pharma value chain in her presentation, “Adoption of NLP in Healthcare: a Strategic Perspective Across the Pharma Value Chain.”
  • Matteo Manica from IBM delved into the innovative use of language models to expedite material design in his talk titled “Harnessing the Power of Language Models to Accelerate Material Design.”
  • Ahmad Aghaebrahimian from ZHAW presented a work in progress, “Medical Informatics Powered by Large Language Models and the Semantic Web,” highlighting the cutting-edge amalgamation of LLM and the Semantic Web in medical informatics.
  • Nicolas Löffler-Perez from Swissmedic showcased “Medicrawl,” a machine learning-based application designed for detecting illegal products in online markets.

The event was a successful exploring the multifaceted applications of NLP in healthcare, demonstrating innovative approaches and fostering collaborative discussions.